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2016 Theme: Engaging Communities - Facilitating Conversations
about Important Issues of Our Time

Next MFN Meeting:  April 14, 2016

Making Ends Meet:
How Should We Spread Prosperity & Improve Opportunity?
  - A Public Deliberation

A Forum and Orientation to the National Issues Forum Method
of Public Deliberation
Using Their Issue Guide: "Making Ends Meet"

Guest Facilitator: Mary Ann Van Cura, MLS

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MFN Public Meeting:  April 14, 2016

Bethany Lutheran Church
3901 36th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN  55406

Session Description

Facilitating community conversations raises the question, "How can we engage communities in productive conversations on difficult issues that concern all of us?"  This session will explore one approach:  Public Deliberation.  The National Issues Forum Institute (NIFI) has developed a framework and multiple issue guides to promote public deliberation.

Making Ends Meet is a topic of widespread community discussion and concern, particularly during this year of attention to the issue of equity and economic opportunity.

Join us for the next MFN event and gain an orientation to the NIF framework for facilitating public deliberation, learn about resources for public forum facilitators, and experience the method using a recent issue guide, Making Ends Meet.

“For many Americans, the recovery from the 2007 recession, a recovery that officially began in 2009, feels very remote, or nonexistent. Even as the stock market surges and millions of jobs have been created, they see a very different picture.”

“Many Americans still believe in the basic notion that anyone who works hard should be able to support a family and get ahead. What can we do to make that happen?”

Three options, or solutions, will be deliberated by participants at the session on April 14:
1) Create New Opportunities,
2) Strengthen the Safety Net,
3) Reduce Inequality.

National Issues Forums:

“Based in Dayton, Ohio, the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI), is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that serves to promote public deliberation and coordinate the activities of the National Issues Forums network. Its activities include publishing the issue guides and other materials used by local forum groups, encouraging collaboration among forum sponsors, and sharing information about current activities in the network.”--https://www.nifi.org/en/about

NIFI works in partnership with The Kettering Foundation, “a nonprofit operating foundation rooted in the American tradition of cooperative research”.--https://www.kettering.org/about

Session Outcomes:

You will come away with:

1) An orientation to the NIFI framework for engaging the public in deliberative dialogue

2) Resources for conducting public forums using the NIFI framework, live and online

3) Experience with the NIF method as participant/learner, using one of many NIF issue guides

4) Connections to other facilitators who are developing facilitation skills and/or are working to raise awareness about social and economic change

5) The opportunity to form a special interest group focused on facilitating community conversations about "Making Ends Meet", another NIFI issue guide, or NIFI in general.

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Next Event
April 14, 2016

Making Ends Meet:
How Should We Spread
Prosperity and Improve
-a Public Deliberation

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Public Meeting Site:
Bethany Lutheran Church

3901 36th Ave S
Mpls., MN  55406

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